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Welcome to Skydog's Survivor Series Wikia. Skydog aka Baron O'Bryant started camps around the middle of 2010 and took a very long hiatus from July 2011 - April 2013. When he returned, he was facisnated with series of "Swimmer's Survivor", or "Explosion's Survivor". Skydog then masterbated, and then created Survivor: Booty Twerking Season 1 on April 18, 2013. The season was designed to be a joke, with most videos starting off with a trollish clip of past Survivor seasons. However, once Skydog realized that he wanted to continue making camps, he decided to have a 'legit' season after Booty Twerking. After a failed Season 2 because his computer is a piece of shit, and a even more failure of a Big Brother camp, Skydog then started his revised Season 2: Survivor Loser's Island. There's no telling where's Skydog's Survivor Series will go, but it can only be up.

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