Morgan McLeod is a contestant from Survivor Fiji. [1].

Morgan McLeod
S28 Morgan McLeod
Username TeamJulieBGC
Birth Date February 22 (Age 22)
Hometown San Jose, California
Occupation Former NFL Cheerleader
Skydog's Survivor: Fiji


Bula Bula

Placement N/A
Alliances Morgan & Katie Alliance

Final 5 Alliance

Challenges Won 1
Votes Against 2
Days Lasted N/A

Morgan first appeared in Survivor Fiji, where she started off as a newbie in a mixed newbies and vets season. Morgan was sent to exile twice, and on both trips she found a hidden immunity idol giving her two idols in the game! The only person she shared this with was her closest ally Katie when ultimately she played both of the idols at the final 5 tribal, one on herself and one on Katie. Right now Morgan is currently in the final 4 of Survivor: Fiji and is the only newbie left.


Voting HistoryEdit

Morgan's Voting History
Episode Morgan's
Voted Against
1 Brandon Brandon
2 Jeremiah -
3 Sherri -
4 Moto Tribe Immunity
5 Moto Tribe Immunity
6 Pete(Morgan Immune) -
7 Amber -
8 Courtney -
9 Erik -
10 Courtney -
11 Jefra and Allie -
12 Woo N/A