Laura Morett
Laura Morett is a contestant from Survivor Loser's Island, where she was the first boot. She was played by the user "TribeTorch". She is known for being the first person eliminated in the original Season 2: Baked Islands, and the current Season 2: Loser's Island.

Loser's IslandEdit

Laura Morett started out the season on the Tadhana tribe. She worked herself into a small, minority alliance along with Ami and Katie, planning to blindside Brad Culpepper very early on. However, the vote did not go to plan as Ami was the one who left in a 6-3-1 vote. After watching an ally leave and failing to complete the challenge, Laura M. was voted out at the next Tribal Council in a 7-1-1 vote. At the very first truel, Laura M. did not even attempt the truel, thus coming in last place and being the first person sent home on Day 4.

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