Jeremiah is a contestant on Survivor Fiji Season 5.

Survivor FijiEdit

Jeremiah started Survivor Fiji by being placed on the Moto Tribe. After losing the first challenge most of the team agreed on voting of Brandon. When Sherri was then placed on their Tribe Jeremiah quickly allied with her, and when Moto lost the second challenge, he was the target, but when Sherri told him this, they devised a plan to backdoor their tribe captain, Jenna and succeeded in it. At the next challenge Jeremiah lasted until the final round where he was ousted by Woo, making Moto the losing tribe again. Jeremiah once again plotted with Sherri to boot out their new tribe captain Katie, but when Katie came to Jeremiah apologizing and asking for an alliance, Jeremiah decided he must switch alliances and backdoor Sherri. After gathering Morgan and Katie together they decided to blindside Sherri, but Sherri was suspicious confronting Jeremiah about it, which he told her he was only playing around with Katie. At tribal council Jeremiah proved his loyalties voting out Sherri, where she was the 3rd person eliminated. Moto then won the next two Immunity Challenges, bringing Jeremiah to the final 14, where their was a tribe swap. At the Tribe Swap, Jeremiah remained on Moto along with Jefra & Katie. It was then revealed that it was going to be a double elimination.

Voting HistoryEdit