Hayden Moss
Username Magge5L
Birth Date May 27, 1986 (age 27)
Hometown Springtown, Texas
Occupation Real Estate
Loser Island Season 2


Placement N/A
Alliances Outsider's alliance

Galang alliance

Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted N/A

Hayden Moss is a contestant from Survivor Loser Island Season 2.

When Hayden joined the game, he started an alliance with tribemates Candice and Laura B. Along with them, he voted Christine out of the tribe first, for being a threat to Hayden's game.

Next time his tribe lost, weak link Carter got voted out.

At the tribe swap, Hayden, Candice and Laura had the majority, along with Colton from Tadhana. When they lost the next two challenges, Marissa and Erinn easily got kicked off.

At the merge, Hayden felt like it was the time to make a move. He played an idol on Sash to blinside Brad. But Brad played his idol out of Paranoia, eliminating one of Hayden's closest allies, Kim.

Hayden kept playing idols, but with little success, allies Sash, Rupert and Aras left back to back to back.

Hayden then decided to take a chance, and didn't play his idol. However, he ended up leaving.

Hayden is now on Loser Island, and he is getting ready for the final duel.

He was voted off on Day 29

Voting HistoryEdit

Episode               Hayden's vote Votes for Hayden


2                     Galang immune
3                        Carter
4                     Galang immune
5                        Erinn
6                        Marissa
7                  Tadhana immune
8                  Tadhana immune
9                       Brad
10                       Marissa
11                       Brad
12                       Marissa
13                       Brad Brad, Candice, Colton, Rob C
14                     Loser's island
15                     Loser's island
16                     Loser's island
17                     Loser's island