Carter Williams
Carter Williams is a contestant from Survivor Loser's Island. Carter is known to have gone on a distinct truel winning streak, being voted out on Day 6 but not being eliminated until Day 19. He was played by the user "TotalDramaJustin12".

Loser's IslandEdit

Carter Williams started out on Loser's Island by being placed on the Galang tribe. He was at first on the bottom of the tribe, but managed to work himself into an alliance with Sash, Erinn, and Jessica. At the second immunity challenge, Galang lost. Feeling on the verge of elimination, the alliance approached Rupert and asked for his vote of Rob Cesternino, who was practically unknown in the tribe. However, a plan spearheaded by Candice and Hayden made it their mission to take out Carter. At Tribal Council, Carter and his alliance were blindsided in a 5-4 vote, after Rupert sided with Candice and Hayden, thus sending Carter to Loser's Island. Deteremined to win himself back into the game, Carter stayed alive FIVE times on Loser's Island. On the final truel, Carter unfortunately came in second place, being beaten by Marissa. Carter finished out the season in 13th place.

Voting HistoryEdit

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