Ami Cusack
Ami Cusack is a contestant from Survivor Loser's Island, where she was the second person voted out on Day 1 along with Christine. She was played by the user "Dylahdear".

Loser's IslandEdit

Ami Cusack started out the season on the Tadhana tribe, which she was very reluctant about because she worried that she would be targeted early on. When both tribes went to Tribal Council on Day 1, Cusack hatched a plan to take out her rival Brad Culpepper, which both Laura Morett and Katie Collins agreed to. However, Cusack's plan was shattered when Culpepper heard of the news and managed to get the majority of the tribe to vote out Cusack in a 6-3-1 vote. Cusack then went on a two truel winning streak, taking out Laura M., and Christine, but then threw the third truel on Day 9. She placed 18th overall.

Voting HistoryEdit

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